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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Outdoor Living

As we transition into the summer season, the coolest trend in interior decorating is not indoors at all. It is outdoor spaces, an extension of your indoors!

Current trends include:
  • recovering outdoor furniture
  • outdoor drapery panels for porches, pergolas and covered decks
  • outdoor fireplaces
  • water features of all sizes

As you know, we can help you with parts of your outdoor project that you can't tackle on your own or complete the entire project for you in just a few short weeks!

If you need help with actual construction of any area of your outdoors (or indoors), I highly recommend Kasel Exteriors of Hastings. They have experienced crews with excellent experience! Visit their website here

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Patio Blinds

In the Midwest, we hibernate in the winter time and therfore our patio doors rarely get used. That is of course until spring comes along! The weather is getting warmer and we are filled our refrigerators with items to cook on our grills. Well, it is that time of year once again and you may think that patio doors are a pain to cover for somebody in my industry. As a matter a fact, they are a pleasure to cover...I LOVE patio doors!

While their are numerous ways that patio doors can be covered I am just going to share with you my favorite!

Most often, I place cordless honeycomb shades that stack high enough and then place a treatment over them to cover the stack of the shade when it is in the "up" position. This allows a person to be able to take advantage of the beauty of a soft-covering on their window to coordinate with their decor and still have functional kid-friendly privacy at the same time.

More information about the Hunter Douglas treatments that qualify for the Energy Tax Credit can be found here.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

DIY Outdoor Ideas

One of the most popular areas to decorate now may not be inside your home at all. Now that the weather is improving, we are all excited about beautifying our outdoor spaces.

Here are a few ideas for do-it-yourself projects to help you beautify one of the most coveted areas within our properties, our outdoor spaces!



Window Box

other outdoor ideas