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Thursday, May 27, 2010

What does the color of your front door say about YOU?

White- You like things sterile, very clean. It satisfies you to see nothing. Color confuses you within your home and therefore you tend to back away and "stay safe" when it comes to color.

Black- You love traditional style and appreciate the architecture within a home. Your home is very tidy and sensible.

Gray- You are mysterious by nature but love a little contemporary or modern flair. You are current on the latest decorating trends and consider yourself a pioneer.

Brick/Red- You love attention being drawn to you in your life as well as your decorating. You love being in the spotlight and enjoy being at the center of the party.

Pumpkin/Orange-You are bold and not afraid to take a risk. You feel young and energetic and are tired of "predictable decorating".

Gold/yellow- You have a daring personality and love to garden. You take a great deal of inspiration within your decorating from mother nature.

Lime/green- You always love throwing a great party! Your design style tends to be a little off-beat but extremely comfortable.

Violet/Magenta-You love an elegant room with an eclectic twist. Your style is original and you are definitely a trend setter.

SO, what color IS your door?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Fantastic new fabric line

While in Atlanta I was extremely busy with numerous design and fabrication classes as well as networking and bonding with my peers. It was not until later on Friday that I was finally able to make it to the show floor to view the vendor booths. I had the pleasure of running into a great couple of gentleman who happened to be fabric vendors at the International Window Coverings Expo. There I stumbled upon some of the most exquisite fabrics I have ever seen. And beleive me these are some of the TOP brands in the industry, just not the over the top pricing. I could not help myself :) I now carry the line in my studio in Hastings, MN. Why not have your home stand out from your neighbors and look into cutomizing your home today. And if you would like to view this fantastic fabric just give me a will not be sorry.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hollywood Glam in the Bedroom~

One of the most popular ways to decorate a master bedroom is classic vintage luxury or Hollywood Glam! Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Paint- When painting your walls use bold jewel tones and classic neutrals for colors. You can pair this with graphic print wallpaper on one wall as a focal point.

Furniture- Luxurious fabrics (silks, faux furs, etc.) paired with gold-leaf, mirrored furniture, crystal chandeliers, and large tufted headboards. Small budget? No problem! Re-purposing an old piece to fit in with your design plan is a great way to make a statement and not invest a great deal of cash. Ralph Lauren came out with a great metallic paint line about 7 years ago and many of the other paint companies have done this as well. Your possibilities are endless!