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Monday, June 7, 2010

Do you have green pillows?

I am not actually talking about green colored pillows...but environmentally friendly pillows. I recently was introduced to them by a fellow designer and I found them very comparable to the traditional synthetic pillows and at the same price!

Why is this important? Well, you have all heard me talk about the growing trend of outdoor living, right? Well, with so many families extending their durable indoor spaces into the outdoor areas Sunbrella fabrics are becoming even more popular! If you use any of the numerous Sunbrella velvets, canvas or sheers for your indoor areas you will get twice as much use our of your matching accessories if you use Green Pillow Inserts, because they can be used outside as well. Just think, you can get twice the use in one for NO MORE COST! It's a no-brainer :)

Happy decorating!