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Monday, January 18, 2010

Most of the time when we think of the process of staging a home it involves many important steps, most of which are time-consuming and take a great deal of money to execute. How can we eliminate these steps and save money and still accomplish the same results?

It is called virtual home-staging which can be done at a fraction of a cost of traditional home staging. Over 80% of homeowners look at pictures on the Internet before they go look at a property in person. With the growing number of home due to relocation's and foreclosures, this in an excellent opportunity to make your home stand out in a over saturated market. Home staging is about the buyer envisioning the potential of the home while helping you (the seller) to sell your property more quickly and for more money. Virtual home staging enhances the show ability of any home. It gets people that may not normally consider your home, a chance to see the potential that your home has to offer. While it would be completely dishonest to make certain changes to the home such as hiding a flaw or changing it structurally, it is completely acceptable to make a home look good with the proper decorating and accessories.

You can send pictures of your home to decorators or designers that provide this "virtual home staging" service and in just a few days and a few phone conversations you can have this done in no time! Here's to quick selling!