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Friday, January 25, 2013

Fresh New Start!

The New Year is already upon us and many have tackled the daunting task of creating New Years Resolutions. The New Year always comes with a sense of hope; and unfortunately a whole bunch of pressure. Hope that things can be better than last year and the pressure to make it so.

Yes, it is a good idea to make a list of things you want to change or focus on, but don't let this list overwhelm you. The New Year should bring you hope and excitement. Despite our best intentions, keeping on-track of one's resolutions is just plain hard. Which is why it is so important to take a little bit of your time each day and relax, renew, and refresh. Maybe you can't get away to the gym or take take a well deserved trip to the spa, but try to take 5 minutes each day for yourself. Let's face it, if we don't make the time, no one else is going to make it happen.

Here are some simple ideas:

1. If you want to increase your physical activity for 2013 and you just can't get out for a walk because of the blustery weather – try a little yoga, do a couple lunges, or some stretching in your living room.

2. Take 5 minutes and try to get some peace and quiet. Those with children might find this a little tough! Find a quiet space – your bedroom, laundry room, or even the bathroom and enjoy the quiet.

3. Instead of trying to solve all of the worlds problems right away, make a list and tackle a few things each day.

4. Try to sit and relax while you drink your morning tea or coffee instead of gulping in down on your way out the door.

If you must make a new years resolution list, make sure you include things you can achieve and be realistic. And make it a daily goal to focus on yourself – the decompression time can be incredibly restorative. Here's to a great new year!