Although we have a deep-rooted passion for couture elements throughout our designs, ultimately interior decorating and design should be beautiful, affordable and unique! Hopefully we will inspire you through our blog and website to create a beautiful space that you will love for years to come. Please visit our website for more inspiration!

Friday, January 25, 2013

4/19/2013 –The Great Imagination Heist: Inspiration from the 2012 Design Competition Award Winners– 11:00-12:15 Have you ever wanted to know what an award winning treatment is comprised of? We will use selected WF Vision 2012 Envision Design and Ingenuity Workroom Competition award winners as our inspiration in this class. Attendees will learn how to dissect and analyze these award winning treatments/rooms and how to further use these methods to create design masterpieces all their own. We will also discuss the various WF Envision categories that treatments can be entered into, what judges look for (with interviews from past judges) and the entry process. This class is certain to contain the next award winner! Attendees will receive a PDF PowerPoint of this class after completion. 4/20/2013 –Window Design Portmanteau: Flaunting Your Talent – 9:00-10:15 Would you invest $25,000 for a new car without seeing it and test driving it first? Probably not. Our clients spend a great deal of money decorating their home and put a great deal of trust in us, their interior designers. It has been proven the best way to sell a product or your services has always been to show samples. During this class we will discuss comprehensive methods in which to create and showcase your talents and to sell more soft furnishings to your clients with a brand new version of the retail appointment trunk show. We will cover essential components, important space-saving methods and numerous creative ways to embellish your beautiful work. We will cover all of the basic and slightly complex window treatments you should have including panels, top treatments, cornices, awnings, headboards, bedding, pillows, and cushions. Please bring your camera along to take detailed pictures of all of the examples that we will be showing in class. Attendees will receive a PDF PowerPoint of this class after completion with all pictures shown in class. 4/20/2013 –The Unconventional Window: Using Unique Materials to Create Functional and Artistic Solutions for Windows– 11:00-12:15 Become inspired by some of the most innovative, gifted interior designers and window treatments specialists of our time. You will learn ways to incorporate some of these ideas into unique treatments all your own. You are also invited to bring your camera to take photographs of some of the methods we will be showing during class; some uniquely created and others replicas of some of the interior design greats. Attendees will receive a PDF PowerPoint of this class after completion with all pictures shown in class.