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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I can't decorate! Please help!

From time to time I receive a call from a very frustrated client that says "I just can't decorate". While listening to them on the phone or in person, voicing their decorating dilemma...I genuinely sympathize with them. Although most want me to immediately come and rescue them, I don't and here's why.

The first step in deciding what you like it is to find it, and find it for yourself. You need to scour the books at your local library, home improvement stores, magazines or brochures to find "the look" that suits you and your family. Take lots of notes and start a decorating journal or 3-ring binder with inspiration pictures in it. True, I ask many questions during consultations to narrow down the style that they may have mind, but the truth is every ones perception of a particular style is different, and when you can visualize it and show that vision to another person that is the best way to receive the style that you like.

In addition to this journal I suggest that you also work with a designer that will provide you with virtual renderings of your room so that you with have a pretty good idea as to what the ideas that you came up with will look like in your room. If you would like a FREE sample of what we can do for you send us a photo of your room via email at and put BLOG OFFER in the subject line (one virtual picture rendering per email address, and offer only valid for the first 15 people that respond via email). We will email you back with 3 new decorating ideas for your room within 2 business days. This offer is only good until March 31, 2010.