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Thursday, March 18, 2010

LIVE life

I have been blessed by numerous happenings lately that have got me viewing life from a beautiful new and different perspective! I have never been a negative Nellie or a Debbie downer, but from time to time I find myself not appreciating life as much as I should be. I know we all get into a rut every once in awhile and I am giving you permission to GET OUT OF THAT RUT!

Surround yourself by people that inspire you and those that you can inspire back.

I believe that everyone is capable of great things, the journey for some is longer than others.

Don't waste your energy on conflict; life is too short. Agree to disagree and move on!

When you find yourself feeling down...stop and appreciate the things you are grateful for, I'll bet you will find that there is a lot!

Be positive, it's contagious!

In my little world of decorative creativity, the most beautiful inspiration comes from the times that I have cleared my head and start to appreciate the small things. So...clear your head and believe in yourself! You are capable of great things, I promise!