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Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Lesson in Design Education!

As a designer it has always been my job to not only be the expert, but to teach my clients the true value of the products in which I specify for a project. Years ago when I was about 22 years old, I learned the difference between the big box stores and the "real deal". What I am talking about? Well, it was my first house and I bought a fixer upper. It was a 1970's townhouse that needed a great deal of TLC. One of the first projects- new tub faucet in the main floor bathroom. I went to a big box store (Menards or Home Depot, can't recall). I thought I was so smart buying a "name brand" faucet- thought I was making a great financial decision. Boy was I wrong! So I hired a plumber to come in and install the tub faucet, paid him $250.00 and all was good (or so I thought). Within a few days this thing was leaking ALL over. I was so upset. I called the plumber to come back out to take a look (I was convinced he did something wrong). He said that the internal PLASTIC parts had went bad-very typicial of these units. After contacting the company for replacement parts, I was so discouraged. It was going to take 3 weeks for a replacement PART to be sent to me. Definitely NOT what I thought I paid for. Later on, during my design education I learned that the difference between these "name-brand" companies products from a "big box" store versus something you would purchase from a kitchen and bath showroom is the INSIDE PARTS, the stuff that you don't see on the outside (very deceiving). The innards are what make the product perform flawlessly (duh!). So to make a long story short- you may THINK that you are purchasing a great product from a "big box" store-but more than likely you are NOT. Ask your plumber or design professional for their recommedations BEFORE you buy any plumbing product. It could really save you money (and discouragement) in the long run.